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F nycskylinewomanreadingdog none 456x350 article

How Many Have You Read? Check Out The New York Times’ July Bestsellers

Tap into the modern American zeitgeist by catching up on this month's most-sold books in the United States.

N pileofoldbooks none 1200x630 article

Why Interviewers Ask About Your Favorite Books (and How to Give a Great Response)

After landing an interview that could change the course of your career, count on this app to help you answer one of employers’ most commonly asked questions.

Career success big  article

Transform Your Career and Win at Life with these 5 Books

Whether you’ve been on the job for decades or are preparing for your first day at work, these powerful tips offer proven shortcuts to professional success.

Woman smartphone girl technology1200x630 article

Busy Mom? This App Helps You Fit Reading into Your Life

Keeping up with your kids doesn’t have to stop you doing the things you love. This trailblazing app helps mothers fit reading into their busy lives in just a few minutes.

M guyhikingprofilepurpleclouds none 1200x630 article

Why You’ve Been Reading Self-Help Books All Wrong (and the App that Can Help)

The promise of self-help books can often give way to frustration when you don’t know how to actually apply them to your life. Luckily, there’s an easy way to make the most of them.

F bookinhand none1200x630 article

The Savior Of Books: The App That 2 Million People Are Addicted To

Odds are you’re opening fewer books than you used to, but thanks to this ingenious app, you can instantly incorporate reading back into your life.

M blackmaleandsuit none 1200x630 article

Get Top Insights From The World’s 100 Best Business Books

Employees, founders, and CEOs alike can attain professional enlightenment in an instant thanks to this eye-opening app.

2845037 sd pacific biker 013 article
Pacific San Diego Magazine

All About That B.A.S.E.

Clair Marie knew from an early age that she wanted to spend her life jumping off (and out of) high-altitude objects.

Tamarino  0893 1000x600 article
Pacific San Diego Magazine

Gaining Ground

Since its April opening in the North Park nook that formerly housed Claire de Lune Coffee Lounge, Tamarindo Latin Kitchen & Bar has already cultivated quite a following. And for one of the venue’s accomplished bartenders, cultivation is nothing new.

Corona summercan article
Pacific San Diego Magazine

Yes, We Can!

Among the myriad brands of beer lining shelves at supermarkets and liquors store, perhaps none evoke a stronger sense of summer than Corona Extra.

Still war for the planet of the apes 01 article
Pacific San Diego Magazine

July 2017 Movies

It’s man vs. monkey as a hoard of gun-toting primates face off against the fearful humans eager to eliminate the simian threat.

2470837 sd me surfrider beach cleanup013 article
Pacific San Diego Magazine

July 2017 Events

Make up for being a hot mess on the Fourth by getting rid of filth on the fifth as Surfrider hosts its annual morning-after cleanups around Oceanside Pier, Ocean Beach Pier, Crystal Pier and Belmont Park.

Rising graph 456x350 article

Blast Past Your Goals With These 5 Takeaways From The 10X Rule

Do you dream of achieving greatness in life, but think success is exclusively reserved for others? There’s plenty of prosperity to go around, and you can enjoy a surge of success by pushing past your limits.

N kaleidoscopemirror none 1200x630 article

5 Tips To Unlock The Power Of Pre-Suasion

Every day, we’re exposed to an onslaught of attempts to influence our actions and determine our decisions. Whether it’s a telemarketer, a manager, or even your mother, sometimes it can seem like everyone is asking for something.

2750464 sd pacific drink cutwater 029 article
Pacific San Diego Magazine

Just Add Cutwater

Back in 2008, when Ballast Point was a big favorite among local beer aficionados, but still far from the billion-dollar brewer it is today, a few of the brand’s employees began dabbling in distilling. Fast-forward to the present, and these aleumni from the now-international brewing outfit have left the mothership and launched a premium assortment of locally made alcohols under the name Cutwater Spirits.